One of the greatest mistakes about Millennials is that they don`t use e-mails and will devalue the whole e-mail marketing soon.

The reality is different – the average young person checks email more often than most of older people.

But checking email and actually reading it are two different things.

To avoid getting your e-mail deleted or even marked as spam – connect with Millennials properly.

”Good e-mail content deepens your relationship with your audience through effective subject line and delivering quality, niche specific content your prospect needs and shares with others”

Here’s how online marketers recommend to interact with Millennials by e-mail:

Make the e-mail delivery time consistent

schedule email campaign

Great percentage (38%) of Millennials are freelancers which means they don`t have 9 to 5 scheduled workday.  And even 89% of those who work regular hours prefer to check their e-mail after the workday. In other words, this generation is mixing their worktime with playtime and this should be considered while sending e-mails. Millennials are permanently checking their email. It doesn`t depend if you’re sending them e-mails on business or personal account.

Most of them will ignore e-mails that are sent to irrelevant lists. Trying to sign people up to your email list, guarantee them consistent email timing. Reading your e-mails may even become somebody’s daily routine. Promising to deliver at a specific time will heighten your readers’ engagement.

Be mobile-friendly

Be mobile-friendly

Almost 100% of Millennials use their phones for business needs as often as for personal.  This “online” generation needs to always be in contact with their core group. Phones are the best way to stay connected.

Also, Millennials demand to have daily access to their business. That is why they increasingly check their social networks and e-mails on smartphones.

According to statistics, 70% of young people will not read your letter or even dump it if it is not optimized for mobile.

Always consider mobile platforms and give the best possible experience to users to avoid inefficient e-mail delivery.

Rely on cause-marketing instead of stereotypes

Cause marketing

Generation Y is often seen as narcissists, immature and impatient persons. But in fact 87% of this generation gives to charity and almost half volunteer. According to researches, 85% of Millennials think carefully about their purchases and base on the opinions and advice of their peers. So instead of trying to appeal to their so-called “entitlement” send them cause marketing.

For the successful e-mail campaign with Millennials rely on data, not on stereotypes.

Don`t be a real spammer

Spam filters

The generation we call “Millennials” grew up learning how to keep their private and work space in safe.  They get rid of unnecessary online communication and know how to tune their spam-filters effectively.

Give your audience the best content and interesting information and they will subscribe. If you don`t see any changes in traffic – you’re probably sending irrelevant information to an indifferent audience.

Choose the correct way for information dissemination through the e-mail.

Of course, sometimes you should notify your contacts about important events or sales on your web site. But do not forget that users are involved into your e-mail campaign only when they are interested in content you provide.

Don`t try to attract Millennials the same way every next e-mail. Let your e-mail be a little more interesting, a little more attractive and fresh every next time.

Now you know the key points of e-mail communication with Millennials and are able to increase the number of the subscribers from Y-Generation.