Landing pages are extremely effective for online marketing.

They guide your visitor to a single goal free of the distractions that typically come from the web browsing experience.

Properly done landing page will definitely help you to:

  • raise your advertising ROI
  • drive more people down the sales funnel
  • get a significant increase to your revenue

So, lets discuss what landing pages are and how can we drive more benefits from them?

Landing page looks much more like other website, but the main difference is in its goal.

In the online marketing landing pages are used for a specific action promotion. It can be subscribing to news, purchasing various products, downloading a program and many other actions.

But unlike any other website pages, landing page is a single page with one highly specific target – call visitor to action.

What does it mean?

If we are talking about content, landing page has one simple goal – to convey message that promotes the required action and explain all the advantages of this action implementing.

One more important thing you should focus on is design. It should not be too attractive and do not divert viewers` attention, but at the same time it has to emphasize the objective of the landing page.

Always remember that the main purpose of landing page is to make viewers click,  and create design and content that will help achieve this goal.

Use capacity of subtitles, buttons, images and headlines in full.

Landing page is one single page. It can be divided into several parts, contain a variety of elements (such as dynamic content galleries and so on), but it shouldn’t be too long.

How to create powerful landing page

  • Show your advantages

Decide what sets your business apart from the others. Show people your strong points your competitors don’t have.

  • Use attractive graphic, video and images

Visuals explain your message much better than just text. You can easily communicate with users with the help of pictures or graphics. Moreover, this will increase visual appeal of the page.

  • Focus users` attention where you want – create a solid call-to-action

Call-to-action should be the ultimate part of your landing page. Make it simple and attractive at the same time. Use contrast and bright colors and clear shapes to grab visitors` attention.

  • Include list of benefits

Include a short (about 3-5 items) list of benefits into the landing page. It will provide users with more information about your business or product and tell them what profit they can get from your offer.

How to attract traffic to landing page?

As was already said, the main goal of a landing page is to get viewers to click. Discover several ways of how you can achieve this:

  • Create e-mail campaign and sending subscribers your landing page.
  • Share links on Twitter, Facebook or other networks.
  • Set up an advertising campaign that links to the landing page.

All these methods are great for attracting traffic to the landing page, but don’t forget the main thing: users must find something valuabe after they clicked on your page.

Just a few things can change your landing page and turn it into a powerful marketing tool.  And when it comes down to creating a landing page – make a single, simple page that sends users clear and irresistible message.

One page. One goal. One outcome.